Puppies whelped on May 17th 2016. 

10 girls - 1 boy

3 weeks old old

3 Girls can still be reserved

New pictures of the pups at 3 weeks old on their page

Puppies' page 

For reservations or informations, fill the pre-adoption quesitonnaire or  contact us

Effective January 1st 2017, tail docking will be prohibited in Québec.

Notice from the OMVQ can be read in all here.


Few Words About Us

We are fascinated by dogs for several years and discovered each from our part, a breed through these last 8 years in the canine environnment. It has been a long time since we wanted to make of our dream a reality, raised quality dogs.

You will find informations on the Braque d'Auvergne (Auvergne Pointer) of lineages of origins resulting respectively from France, Poland, Hungary and Canada.

We are please to be one of the only breeder of Auvergne Pointer/Braque d'Auvergne in Quebec.

In the pleasure to answer your questions and to become known to you these magnificent dogs.