Our Auvergne Pointer

Nuit Étoilée de la Ruse des Bois
Callname : Étoile
Sex: Female
Color : Black and White
Country of Origin : Canada
Date of birth :June 3rd 2017
Hips : 2019
Elbows :  2019
Eyes : Normal 

Heart: Normal


Étoile is Galaxie and Légende daugther, very much waited as a keeper for our breeding programme and full member of the family.

She can be a handful with all her discoveries of the world, she is a sensible girl but can be very bold. 

She's the first Braque d'Auvergne in Canada to won a Best Puppy in Group at a show hosted by the Canadian Kennel Club, thanks to judge Lucie Paradis for this win.

She has a great nose, she is progressing in training and point well.

She is very promising in every domain, 

We love her to bits.

Leïa de la Ruse des Bois
Callname : Sky
Sex: Female
Color : Charbonné
Country of Origin : Canada
Date of birth : March 1st 2015
Hips : Excellent
Elbows :  Normal
Eyes : Normal
Heart: Normal 

Sky is a pup with a great energy, a strong point and she is the sweetess thing on earth.
She loves to play and cuddle with us, she works well and we hope for the best for the next year for her.
CH.Galaxie de la Ruse des Bois

Callname : Galaxie
Sex : Female
Color: White/Black Spots
Country of Origin : Canada
Date of Birth : January 18th 2011
Hips : GOOD
Elbows : NORMAL
Eyes : Normal

Galaxie is a very wise girl, she know how to take us.
She is a lovely girl that loves to be cuddle and sleep with us.
She is very friendly and calm with kids.
She loves to play when she is outside, and she is always
on the coach sleeping when she is inside.

Very interested by birds, she point well, she have
a lot of interest!

Very proud to announce that Galaxie is now Canadian Champion at 18 months! 
Galaxie completed her American CHampionship at the age of 20 months!